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I help people love selling on Amazon.

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I like to make smart & useful products.

I joined Amazon in 2020 as a Senior UX designer on the Selling Partner Services Strategic Initiatives team. Prior to that I spent a year at Indeed's Seattle office and 6.5 years at eBay.

I’m a recent transplant from NYC, where spending almost a decade living the agency life prior to joining eBay. Want more? Read my LinkedIn profile.

Not on my LinkedIn profile

6 Thi


Licensed pilot since 1999.


Zero design awards. Maybe I’ll try for 1 million under 1 million.


I’m a terrible soccer player. I can be best described as “Enthusiastic but rubbish.”


Player of games.*

I will make one someday soon.

*Also, an Iain M. Banks fan.


Cook. Woodworker. Soldier. Spy. I care about craft.


I think about stairs.