I want to make something useful.

Currently At

Hunch / eBay

Interface Designer
Since June 2012

Create products and design sites and features for eBay as part of a team based in NYC.

Other History

Deep Focus

MRM Worldwide

Magnani Caruso Dutton

Stick & Move


About Me

I am a craftsman.

I’ve created digital experiences for some of the largest companies in the U.S., small studios, start-ups, and in-house teams.

I've done this through a crazy mix of traditional art direction, hands-on visual design, UX design, advertising, sketching, photography, programming as I try to evolve my process and skillset with each project. Why? Because I want to make something useful.*

*Also, I’m allergic to boredom.

What I Do

Visual Design
Interaction Design
Product Design
Art Direction
Mentoring & Leadership
Front-end Development



MAC Cosmetics
Studios Architecture
FontaineBleau Miami
Bank of America
...and others


I occasionally take on freelance work. I look for clients who will be good to work with, open to new ideas, and provide a unique service or product. Because this cannot interfere with my full-time employment, I am very careful to only accept a small amount of works.

Please contact me if you'd like to talk about my availability.